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Published January 31, 2017

2016 was a year full of surprises so it takes a brave person to dare to say what 2017 will bring! Still, we’re confident that there are some trends in our industry that we can predict.

Looking specifically at the channels we use to communicate, we’re already spotting some key ways in which they are evolving. Here are some of our predictions of what more we can expect from 2017:

Print will become increasingly personalised

To achieve this, print will make the most of evolving digital technology, demonstrating impact and some great return on investment. Generations Y and Z like how print makes them feel and so we see print continuing to come back in vogue.

Email engagement will resurge

Email has always been a favourite channel for marketers because of its economic and targeted capabilities. Building on improvements of the mobile email experience, recipients are now also enjoying email again thanks to innovations like adaptive images, autoplaying videos and interactive in-mail functionality. We think we can expect more excitement from this channel in 2017.

The social landscape will continue to change

We’re expecting social media to move from an engagement, community-building channel to a high-performance targeted paid advertising channel. This is potentially a shame for those brands doing well at engaging their communities, but it is worth embracing the opportunities social can bring from a paid performance point of view.

We’re finally seeing the shift from quantity to quality content

After lots of talk about ‘content shock’ and ‘content saturation’, brands are finally taking a ‘less is more’ approach – so we’re looking forward to developing some high-quality hero content this year.

Advertising continues to re-invent its self

The introduction of Sky targeted advertising has made TV accessible to a range of brands and businesses previously unable to consider it. The continued development of intelligent targeting is also improving return on investment, so there has probably never been a more exciting time for advertising.

Driving online performance continues to be an exciting challenge

To achieve this, it’s essential to keep up with the latest SEM techniques and continuously review performance and consumer behaviour. Who would dare to predict how sophisticated our searching and surfing behaviours will become?

So how are businesses managing to keep up with all these evolving channels and continual shifts in best practice? The simple answer is to adopt a longer-term marketing strategy – still an essential for understanding the direction of the brand – coupled with more agile, responsive marketing plans. These include shorter campaign sprints and channel planning with regular reviews of how customers are responding and shifting their behaviour.

If you’re planning your coming year and are thinking about how you can raise your game or re-invent some of your channels’ performance, talk to us hello@somethingbig.co.uk

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