6 tips for driving your email performance

Published April 12, 2017

Before you hit “send” on your next email marketing campaign, check out our tips to make sure you’re getting the right content to the right contacts while avoiding the spam folder.

We now receive an average of 88 emails a day as business individuals, 76 of which are legitimate, while 12 are seen as spam. So how do you give your emails the best chance of avoiding the spam folder and being useful to your recipients.

1. Keep your customer-facing emails succinct.

Always keep the purpose of the email front of mind. If the copy seems long, that could be a red flag that you need to segment your data further – long copy may mean you are trying to talk to too many different audiences at once.

2. Think about which account is best for sending your emails from.

It’s all about your brand identity and what you’re trying to say! Personal names can be inappropriate if you haven’t had any contact with the recipient, and it can be jarring for recipients to receive an email from a named account only to discover on opening that it is a generic mailer. Where possible try to keep your emails coming from the same send account to maintain consistency.

3. Split test your emails, but remember to test one variable at a time for meaningful results.

Continue to split test throughout your campaign – don’t just split test once and assume the results gathered will remain relevant throughout the campaign. Content split testing, by changing images or copy, can sometimes be more valuable than split testing headlines. Whatever you choose to test, make sure to alter just one variable at a time as data can be too hard to compare otherwise. Split testing also works best with segmented targeted audiences.

4. Think about how you can make your emails more interactive.

Interactive emails are going to become a regular occurrence in 2017 – with features such as booking form widgets, or the ability to auto play video. Emails including video can see an increase in click-through rate by up to 300%, and can reduce unsubscribes by 75% – go on give it a try.

5. Get as a personal as you can by breaking down data.

Keep your customer in mind and personalise as much as you can. Here are some good examples. Almost a fifth of marketers believe that the most exciting change in email marketing over the next five years will be in the direction of data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual.

6. Track your performance but be wary of benchmark figure myths on open and click-through rates.

There won’t be an average for the specific data set you are sending to, so create your own comparisons and keep monitoring. The better your data and your content the better success rates you’re likely to get, so keep driving your performance through improving what you send and to who.

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We’d love to help you drive better return on investment for your email marketing, if you need some help get in touch.

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