Do more with less in 2017: 6 tips for making the most of your creative agency relationships.

6 Tips for making the most of your creative agency | Something Big

Published November 25, 2016

Brands can expect great benefits when working with marketing and creative agencies – but how can your business tap in to their rich pool of knowledge, experience, and creativity without blowing your budget?

Here are our six top tips to help get the best out of your agency relationships:

Know what success looks like

Before you engage your agency, think about what success looks like. Ensure you set SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Your agency is there to help plot out the journey to that success, so let them use their expertise to guide you on how best to achieve your objectives.

Know your customers

Get to know your customers as well as you possibly can and share the rich insight that comes from close relationships with your agency. The more precise you can be about who you’re targeting with your communications, the better it will resonate.

Optimise your team

Identify what your agency’s key strengths are and look at the talent you have within your own organisation. Use your own team’s strengths as much as possible and understand how your agency can best add value to your business. If you use multiple agencies, don’t be afraid to bring them together to collaborate. You are the greatest influence on how well your agencies work with each other – if you communicate the clear strengths, roles, and responsibilities of each agency, they’ll find it easier to pull in the same direction. The result? You’ll win overall.

Brief face to face

When you have a new brief for a project, particularly if your business is trying something new or has a large campaign to activate, arrange a face to face briefing with your agency. It’s a great opportunity to get key stakeholders together around a table to talk through what is required, share ideas and experiences, and ensure that the agency has all the information it needs to give your business the best solution.

Be open

Businesses often don’t think to talk to their agency about what’s going on beyond the project they are working on together. If you share a more holistic view of your business with your agency, including challenges and opportunities, they might be able to provide you with valuable insights – for example, your agency might be helping other businesses in other sectors tackle similar challenges. You might not need their direct help on a project, but why not tap into their expertise and hear their recommendations?

Focus on the quick wins

Finally, there are a couple of quick and easy ways to work with your agency more efficiently. Multiple rounds of amends to creative work, for example, can quickly eat into budgets, so sharing work with several key stakeholders and consolidating feedback into a single round of amends is an easy way to make savings.

Ensuring that the ultimate decision makers have clear and regular visibility of a project is also essential. If the day-to-day stakeholders are not empowered to make decisions, putting in place a process that enables them to regularly ‘check in’ on work in progress can prevent projects going off-piste.

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