7 tips for mobile-friendly email marketing

7 tips for mobile-friendly email marketing | Something Big

Published January 26, 2017

More emails are being opened on mobile devices than ever – here’s how to make sure people don’t “swipe left” when they get yours!

In previous blogs we’ve shared our tips on how to give your email marketing the winning edge, such as watching out for words that damage reputation, considering who your email is sent from, and keeping your data clean.

Now, as more people open their emails on their smartphones and tablets, these must-follow rules are growing. 55% of emails are being opened on a mobile device – that’s a 180% growth in mobile email opens in the last three years. Depending on the target audience, product and email type, emails opened on mobile devices can account for up to 70% of opens. The bottom line? Marketers need to make sure their emails are mobile-friendly.

In 2017 email marketing is going to evolve to have higher levels of personalisation and automation, so it’s important to have the basics in place to make sure your recipients won’t just swipe to delete.

Here are our 7 tips for mobile-friendly email marketing:

1. Responsive design is essential. Even for internal audiences it’s best to use a template that has been built to respond to the type of device it’s opened on so your emails can be easily viewed on any device.

2. If you are linking to a website / landing page from your email, make sure the page is of a suitably high design quality and user experience.You’ll need to think through the user experience once they’ve clicked through your email as well, there’s no point having a nicely designed, responsive email if you send recipients to a content heavy landing page that isn’t responsive or a form that doesn’t work on a mobile device.

3. Be wary of including copy in the header. Not all email clients download images so your message could be lost – if you do choose to include copy, make sure it is readable if scaled down when viewing on mobile devices. The copy of the header should not be smaller than any copy within the body of the email.

4. Subject lines should be concise and relevant to the body of the email. Be cautious about using emojis in the subject line as these can make the email look like spam and rarely help with open rates. Here are some more of our tips on writing engaging email subject lines.

5. Call to action buttons should be at least 44 pixels high. This makes them easy to click with your thumb.

6. The font size in the body of the text should be a minimum of 15, or ideally larger. If this doesn’t look right, then your email might have too much copy. Too much copy can be a sign that you are trying to talk to too many different audiences at once, which means you may need to segment your data further and send more targeted emails.

7. For email layout, one or two columns generally looks better across all devices. A clean layout should be easy to achieve if the email copy is kept short.

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