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Interactive PDFs – what’s not to love?

Published May 18, 2017

Whatever sector you’re in, are you getting the most out of the engaging and flexible platform that is the interactive PDF? What are interactive PDFs? Essentially, any document which has been saved as a PDF (portable document file) can be made interactive and more engaging for your audience. They can contain videos, page transitions, hyperlinks, […]


How are your partnerships performing?

Published November 3, 2016

Are your partnerships all give and no take, or do they start with great intentions on both sides but fizzle out when other priorities get in the way? Whether you’re responsible for corporate charity sponsors, sports sponsorships, business referral relationships, or day-to-day corporate partnerships, the ingredients to a successful partnership are often the same. It […]


10 marketing activities to improve your bottom line

Published October 18, 2016

As we get closer to Christmas, it’s important to review your marketing and communications activities to improve productivity and ensure you meet your annual targets. With this in mind, we’ve put together 10 helpful tips to improve your bottom line before the end of the year. 1. Improve Employee Engagement We’ve previously discussed how to […]


Champions of Print Production: Our RAR Awards win

Published April 29, 2016

We’re delighted to announce we’ve won the 2016 RAR Award for Print Production! When it comes to finding the right partner agency for marketing, communications, and advertising, more than 5,000 client companies rely on RAR: the Recommended Agency Register database. RAR also gives out annual awards – unlike other industry awards, the RAR Awards are […]


The state of content marketing in 2016

Published February 17, 2016

On 10 February, we attended The Drum’s Content Marketing Breakfast: a panel full of insights about the state and future of content marketing. Here are our thoughts on the discussion. In November 2015, marketing media platform The Drum speculated on the future of content marketing. Though the article concluded that “great content marketing […] will […]


Getting ahead of the marketing curve for 2016 – event overview

Published January 26, 2016

On 21 January 2016, we hosted CIM’s panel event to help marketers understand and navigate the key challenges that the industry will face this year. Marketing trends in 2016 – the big picture Our own co-owner and director Sally Pritchett kicked off the presentations: “One of the best things working agency side is that you […]


B2B Social Media Marketing: How to make it work

Published March 6, 2015

Adding social media to the B2B marketing mix is notoriously tricky – which is actually good news because there’s all the more scope for creating campaigns that truly stand out! Incorporating the latest sector insights we heard at Social Media Week New York, here’s our guide on how to make B2B social media marketing work for you. Why are B2B marketers so skeptical […]


What are b2b marketers doing with ‘Big data’?

Published October 10, 2014

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my ‘big data’ colleagues recently, and we thoroughly enjoyed having a natter about the challenges of obtaining data that means something – and doing something meaningful with it.   Of course we all have data, oodles of it. CRM, billing, email lists, event attendance, hospitality attendance, social […]


Hearing from the people that matter

Published January 14, 2014

Each year for the past four years we’ve asked our customers to take a few minutes out of their days to tell us what they think of us. We know what you’re thinking: surely you’re opening a can of worms! Maybe, but actually it gives us a great feel for how our year has been, […]


Top 10 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for 2014

Published January 6, 2014

Okay, so it’s 2014 and we’re back at our desks. We’ve caught up with our colleagues on who had the worst hangovers, whose kids got up earliest on Christmas morning, who got the best (worst) present, who had the best Christmas dinner (disaster)… now it’s time to get down to some serious marketing resolutions for […]