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Getting creative with your content

Published August 3, 2017

With myriad channels, increasing competition for eyeballs and decreasing attention spans, getting brand engagement is becoming ever more complicated. So how do you cut through the noise and get your message heard? To coin our favourite new phrase: with thumb-stoppingly good content. We’re currently facing an epidemic of posting content for content’s sake, cluttering newsfeeds […]


What makes a great online video?

Published September 22, 2016

Video is pervasive: the second most popular website worldwide after Google is now YouTube. This means that video demands attention, not just for its content but also for its power. Here’s our overview of why video is important and our tips for making sure your next video delivers. Video – the key visual medium The […]


Reaching an international audience: Translation, localisation, or transcreation?

Published July 28, 2016

One of the best parts of working for global clients is that we get to develop campaigns that make an impact far beyond the UK. For example, for one of our clients we design and deploy monthly emails to 360,000 prospective customers in 12 main markets in Europe in ten different languages. As the content […]


How to write engaging email subject lines

Published June 24, 2016

One of the most discussed topics in email marketing is around creating the ‘perfect’ subject line. Similar to the ‘perfect time to send an email’, there is no magical formula, otherwise we would have to start again when all inboxes became flooded with “Hello *name*, have 20% off” every Thursday afternoon. The purpose of the […]


How to engage Generation Z

Published May 25, 2016

By 2020, Generation Z will account for 40% of consumers. In fact, they’re already influencing more than US $600 billion (around £416 billion) of family spending – so it’s pretty important that marketers take them seriously. Businesses of all types will need to understand how this upcoming generation of consumers will communicate, engage with brands, […]


The need for speed (and visuals!): How businesses can stand out in the age of information overload

Published May 11, 2016

Ciaran Quilty, Business Director EMEA at Facebook, gave an overview of how to make the most of the changing nature of communications at the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference 2016 – here is our summary of his key points. The rise and rise of mobile communications With 2.8 billion internet users and 7 billion […]


BrightonSEO 2016: Our top 3 takeaways

Published May 4, 2016

BrightonSEO is the one event of the year that all Search Engine Optimisers (SEOs) get excited about – especially in the UK. It’s a place for all online marketers to gather and share their wonderful findings and, most importantly, be amazed by each other’s research. Hardly any industry evolves as rapidly as online marketing: search […]


The Something Big 2016 Sixth Form Prospectus review: Just what do parents and students want from a prospectus?

Published March 8, 2016

The annual challenge of producing the sixth form college prospectus is on – and already marketers are juggling a multitude of feedback from an array of stakeholders. Putting aside the views of academic staff and senior leadership for a moment, what do prospective parents and students actually want from a prospectus? We reviewed a range […]


Content marketing and advertising: blurring lines or different concepts?

Published February 26, 2016

What’s the relationship between content marketing and advertising? We canvassed expert opinions and reviewed practical examples to better understand how the two are similar, and where they aren’t. Viewpoint one: content marketing and advertising are becoming interchangeable At The Drum’s 10 February Content Marketing workshop, the discussion frequently returned to how the lines between content […]


The state of content marketing in 2016

Published February 17, 2016

On 10 February, we attended The Drum’s Content Marketing Breakfast: a panel full of insights about the state and future of content marketing. Here are our thoughts on the discussion. In November 2015, marketing media platform The Drum speculated on the future of content marketing. Though the article concluded that “great content marketing […] will […]