Category: Not for profit

Interactive PDFs – what’s not to love?

Published May 18, 2017

Whatever sector you’re in, are you getting the most out of the engaging and flexible platform that is the interactive PDF? What are interactive PDFs? Essentially, any document which has been saved as a PDF (portable document file) can be made interactive and more engaging for your audience. They can contain videos, page transitions, hyperlinks, […]


How to make sure your impact reports deliver

Published January 18, 2016

Are you giving your impact reports enough value? If you’re an organisation in the not for profit sector, impact reports can be powerful tools to engage your stakeholders. Here’s what to bear in mind and how to make the most of them! What are impact reports? Impact reports are overview documents – usually published annually […]


Profit v not for profit marketing: the lines are blurring

Published December 16, 2015

Moving on from previous years’ not for profit marketing highlights like #Daretobare and #Icebucketchallenge, it’s interesting to look back at 2015 to see what the biggest talking points were. What’s clear is that the lines between the corporate, profit making world and the not for profit sector are blurring. CSR is no longer optional for […]


The Challengers Business Club

Published January 22, 2014

An introduction to a business club run by a not for profit very close to our hearts… The Challengers Business Club, set up in 2011, is a group of dynamic companies all with common goals – they are committed to growing their businesses through trusted sources and want to support a local charity at the […]