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2017: What’s in store for the communications world

Published January 31, 2017

2016 was a year full of surprises so it takes a brave person to dare to say what 2017 will bring! Still, we’re confident that there are some trends in our industry that we can predict. Looking specifically at the channels we use to communicate, we’re already spotting some key ways in which they are […]


CMO to CEO – are you playing your part in changing perceptions of marketing?

Published August 10, 2016

We’ve been watching the shift in senior marketing leadership for some time now. At a conference last year, we were excited to hear the CMO of Deloitte predicting a shift in perceptions. She encouraged marketing departments to up their capabilities, increase their commercial acumen, and drive their contribution to the future of the business – […]


How Generation Z uses social media

Published July 14, 2016

We’ve talked about Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2012) in previous blogs – what matters most to this group and how to engage them. But how does Generation Z actually engage with brands, specifically through social media? Since the best information comes straight from the source, we’ve asked 17-year-old Daisy Andrews (who recently […]


Our Brexit Breakfast: Now’s the time for British business to act

Published July 8, 2016

Last week, we talked about how now that the ‘Brexit’ decision has been made and the UK is on course to leave the EU, it’s time for businesses to take action – and not just wait to see what happens. That’s why on 5 July, we hosted a round table discussion together with the Surrey […]


BREXIT: The show must go on for business

Published July 1, 2016

There’s some uncertainty about what’s next for the UK given the outcome of the EU referendum – but there are many opportunities for British businesses. By Sally Pritchett, company co-owner On Friday 24 June, the world woke up to the first day of a new chapter as we digested the result of the UK referendum […]


How to engage Generation Z

Published May 25, 2016

By 2020, Generation Z will account for 40% of consumers. In fact, they’re already influencing more than US $600 billion (around £416 billion) of family spending – so it’s pretty important that marketers take them seriously. Businesses of all types will need to understand how this upcoming generation of consumers will communicate, engage with brands, […]


Generation Z: Authentic, moral, and savvy

Published April 5, 2016

What matters most to Generation Z? Get ready to embrace and understand this entrepreneurial and socially conscious generation that’s now starting to enter the workforce. Members of Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2012) are starting to join the workforce and are rapidly becoming a key consumer group. We were delighted to host a […]


The state of business in Woking: The Woking Economy Report and Accounts 2015/16

Published March 29, 2016

On 14 March, we were delighted to host the Woking Economic Forum at our offices, presenting the Woking Economy Report and Accounts and the Woking Business Achievement Awards. Here is our overview of the event’s highlights. Located in Surrey, 8 km outside the M25 and with a population of just around 100,000, Woking may not […]


Advice from Surrey’s Top Businesswomen on International Women’s Day

Published March 16, 2016

On 8 March 2016, we hosted Surrey Chambers Business Women in Surrey (BWiS) for a special event to celebrate International Women’s Day. The speakers shared key careers advice and the “Top 10 BWiS Rising Stars Young Business Women in Surrey 2016” were announced. Around 100 attendees joined us in our new auditorium to hear from guest […]


Innovate or die: How brands can stay relevant to their target audiences

Published March 2, 2016

Innovation is the only way for companies to remain ahead of the competition – but how do you foster an innovative culture? The demise of businesses such as Woolworths, HMV, and Blockbusters shows that being established and well-known doesn’t safeguard brands from failure. At the same time, companies such as Lego, Stella Artois, Burberry, Old Spice, and even […]