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We are using cookies on this site
Like most websites, we are using cookies on this website. We’re using them to help us improve our site and give you the experience and content you’re looking for. That means we need some vital information about our visitors; what information they are searching for, their favourite content and how they find our navigation. We study this information to help us make relevant updates to the site.

What are cookies for?
If you’re not sure what a cookie is, sometimes it’s a round biscuit that tastes great dunked in milk, but in this case it’s a small text file stored on your computer by your browser which helps us understand a bit about more about your computer. For example it helps us understand what device you’re viewing our site from, what content you viewed on our site and whether you’ve viewed our site before. What it doesn’t tell us is who you are, or store any personal data about you. We are certainly not using the data to sell to other companies or advertise to you in other places.

Which cookies are we using?
To be completely transparent, below we have listed the cookies we’re using on our site so you can choose to opt out:

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Turning cookies off
Whilst these cookies cannot be turned off individually on our site, you can change your browser settings to refuse all cookies by using the preference settings on your computer. Please however be aware this may affect your user experience on our site.

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