Your Marketing Career

26 April | 08:30am - 13:00pm

£150+VAT, including lunch

What got you here, won’t get you to the next level. Your working practices that worked last year won’t necessarily work this year. Technology, social interaction and buying habits are changing rapidly, as is your remit of responsibility and the strategic projects you are now involved in.

Day-to-day busy-ness can distract you, so it’s easy to talk yourself out of the projects or plans that allow you to think more broadly or to consider how you could tackle your work differently.

Your Marketing Career is ½ a day to focus on your personal development plan.


  • Discover the 10 secrets of how Marketing Directors become more influential
  • Understand your growth areas by completing your development checklist
  • Create your Personal Marketing Action Plan – ready to start on 27th April
  • Share experiences and challenges with like-minded Senior Marketers


  • You are constantly busy, know that you should prioritise time to think more strategically, but never seem to achieve it.
  • You are frustrated that you are in a ‘to-do-list cycle’ and that you never have any free time to think and plan
  • You are striving to drive strategic discussions at senior management and board level but don’t seem able to connect successfully to be heard
  • You have multiple brand responsibilities and face the challenges of prioritising investment and resources across a portfolio
  • You face the challenge of ‘selling-in’ the benefits of marketing to the rest of the business, your team feel frustrated that they are regarded as the ‘colouring-in’ department rather than a strategic driver
  • Job titles in Marketing are so varied, depending on the sector, industry and size of organisation, but you are a Senior Marketer with direct responsibility typically Marketing Managers, Head of Marketing, Senior Brand Managers

Being an effective Senior Marketer is tough, it’s easy to put your head down and work efficiently to get a handle on the business priorities, but is this enough? Is this sustainable? Are you enjoying that way of working?

What got you here, won’t get you to the next level. You must change the way you are thinking, the way you are working and the conversations you are having, so you can create the growth you want and deserve.



Are you working in an efficient and effective way? Do you ask the right questions that enhance your intel at every opportunity? Do you have your finger on the pulse of key business challenges? Are you talking to the right networks and influencers to promote your marketing vision?

 Hear from an experienced Global Marketing Director who has been in your shoes, faced your challenges and has success stories to share. You will learn the 10 secrets how Marketing Directors become more influential, and benchmark yourself against this insightful checklist.


Case study on how a marketer created an impactful consumer campaign after challenging beliefs of senior management, which in turn allowed them to stretch the brief.

SESSION 3 – Building Your Personal Marketing Action Plan

Having a clear, SMART personal action plan is the No 1 way successful marketers make an impact, drive brand growth and accelerate their career. You will create a clearly defined Personal Marketing Action Plan with achievable goals which will ensure you stay on-track to accelerate your personal growth plan.

SESSION 4 – You are not alone

It can feel lonely at times, seemingly the only one who thinks like you within your business, asks questions the way you do, gets frustrated when others are satisfied with value growth figures as a measure of success, you want to know more; where did it come from? Why were those sales successful? What made the consumer choose your product? This is normal for a Senior Marketer.

Enjoy sharing those observations with likeminded-marketers, discuss how others make an impact in their organisation. Your chance to network and enjoy a fabulous lunch.

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