How can an app boost your customer relationships?

How Apps Boost Customer Relationships

Published November 18, 2016

More than 71 per cent of UK adults own a smartphone, so the potential market for apps is huge. Britain’s smartphone owners download an average of 8.8 apps per month including games, social networks, and company apps. So how can you develop an app that helps your customers as well as your business? Here are our tips…

Promote customer loyalty

Returning customers are integral to boosting the growth of a company. Providing an all-round excellent service is the best way to ensure your customers keep coming back. Still, remember that sometimes the grass can seem greener on the other side so some of your customers will trial someone new.

As budgets are often tight and searching for the best deal is a must, a customer loyalty scheme could be a good direction for both your company and your customers. Rewarding customers with an exclusive offer or the chance to cash their points for services or add-ons would give your customers value for money that they wouldn’t experience elsewhere.

An app would also allow your customers to easily see what great offers are available to them without the need for a sales or email marketing team to get in touch.

Simplify scheduling and reminders

Arranging a meeting with a business client can often be tricky. Schedules collide and a booked meeting might fall by the wayside, which can result in deadlines being pushed back and a lot of wasted time.

An app can allow you to see when a member of the team is available for a meeting and book it on the spot, alerting both parties of its confirmation. Booking via the app means no more playing voicemail tennis – it’s an efficient, time-saving way to book, edit, and cancel meetings.

Explore a new direct marketing channel

When you’ve got a fantastic deal to promote or important information to share with your customers, an email is a great way to get this information out there. But often messages are time-critical and sometimes an email may be ignored. It can be more efficient to send a push-notification which instantly shows on the customer’s screen. These notification messages can be personalised and sent to specific users giving you control over who you target.

Improve your internal comms

No matter how big or small your business is, it can be hard to keep track of day-to-day communications. At Something Big, we’ve created an internal HR app that allows us to quickly and easily communicate with our staff and for our staff to communicate with each other. We can swiftly let everyone know about company updates, important news, and even birthdays through this nifty little app.

By keeping your staff informed and up to date through an app, you can maximise time efficiency and minimise costs by cutting down on time-consuming meetings that slowly cascade information throughout your business.

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