January is International Creative Month


Published January 13, 2010

According to Randall Munson this month is International Creative Month, so bring it on, I say..

So, are you a a creative person? If you’re not sure, answer the following questions…

Do you have a messy desk?

  • MAC or PC? Do you even know what this means?
  • Do you find yourself loving adverts for their genius ideas, completely ignoring the product they are selling sometimes?
  • Do you sometimes buy things because of the way they look, their packaging or their colour instead of what they do?
  • Do you own anything from the Pantone range yet ?
  • Are you any good building things out of lego?

If you keep answering “yes” we might as well stop there, it’s clear you’re a creative genius and judging by the state of the desks at our offices, our love of Molton Browns packaging and our Pantone mugs we’re a pretty creative bunch too, so looks like we’ll get on well.

So how shall we celebrate this month of creatvity? How about going somewhere creative, if you haven’t already, check out a couple of our favourite haunts, The Lightbox or The Design Museum.

Or what about creating something creative, like a picture book, we love Bobsbooks, or download the Pantone app for your iphone or try reading something creative, Sally has a great reading list on her LinkedIn, or for some really creative thinking come and have a cuppa with us, give us a shout so we can put the kettle on and get the biscuits out.

Why don’t you post a comment or tweet us with how you got creative.

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