RAR Digital Award win for Social shows our clients truly value our work

digital RAR award social win 2016

Published June 17, 2016

We’re beyond proud to announce that for the second year in a row we’ve won the RAR Digital Award for Social!

The RAR Digital Awards are based entirely on what clients think of their agencies’ work, and we’re absolutely delighted that our clients are so happy with what our Content & Social team delivers every day.

Social media and content marketing plays a huge role in what we do at Something Big, and it’s been a key part of many of our integrated campaigns.

Our social media clients include B2B industry leaders such as DHL Express UK: our social driven campaign ‘Leading the export conversation online’ helped the company grow its market share ahead of target (and helped us win the B2B Marketing Award for ‘Best use of social media’). We also manage social media marketing for a range of other B2B clients in sectors including logistics, e-commerce, and technology. From a B2C perspective, our social media clients include international resorts, FMCG brands, home improvement providers, and key businesses in the logistics and delivery sector.

In education and not-for-profit, we provide social media marketing for universities and other educational providers such as Woking College – as part of their multi-channel social media strategy we communicate key messages to current students, run competitions, and engage with prospective students.

We know how to deliver on our clients’ objectives making the most of social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram as well as digital hosting platforms YouTube, Slideshare, Vine, and Pinterest.

We manage all aspects of the social media and content marketing journey:

  • Concept development – finding out how our client can drive forward their marketing strategy and define the target audiences they’re looking to engage
  • Content strategy development – determining what kind of content is best suited to execute the concept, and how success can be measured (setting metrics and KPIs)
  • Multichannel content planning – working out on what channels the content should go out to deliver on the strategy and achieve the KPIs, and how activities across channels tie together
  • Content generation – researching and writing copy for social media posts, as well as determining what related images or videos to use (this also includes search engine management and optimisation, as well as generating content for other digital channels)
  • Campaign management – content planning, development, and execution; managing paid social campaigns (as well as PPC)

Find out more about how we can help you improve your social media marketing – email hello@somethingbig.co.uk or call 01483 746650.





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