Should we send corporate Christmas cards this year?

corporate christmas cards: should we send them?

Published October 4, 2009

Well there’s so much to consider, like, is sending a traditional paper based Christmas card by snail mail the worst possible environmental faux par or is it an even worse one not to take the opportunity to thank your customers for their business, whilst supporting a worthwhile charity?

If you want our opinion, sending corporate Christmas cards is one of the most important marketing and CRM activities of the calendar year.

From an environmental point of view, most cards these days are made from sustainable sources and many support the Woodland trust or other charities that rely on funds raised from the cards to carry on their great work. So our conscience is clear there.

What about e-cards? Well what about them, aren’t our inboxes unbearably clogged up already? I know from my own point of view I’d rather my clients and prospective clients had a nice branded card sitting on their desk for a few weeks rather than an irritating email that took less than a second to delete. And when it comes to choosing between email or snail mail, haven’t we’ve had enough redundancy this year? Anything to support the good old British postie will we’re sure be appreciated by their families this Christmas.

So not that we’ve decided to send cards, do they have any business benefit, what with marketing budget cuts this year is it the best use of money? Well, in our opinion it is, for many reasons, the first being that research shows that virtually 100% of Christmas cards are opened and unlike direct mail are far more likely to be opened by the addressee instead of by admin staff or PAs who screen/throw away direct mail. And how often does direct mail get displayed for a couple of weeks right in front of your decision makers eyes, screaming out your branding and company name? The answer, never. So there you are for the cost of a Christmas card you have the most important DM campaign of the year.

We don’t seem to be the only ones who feel this way about Christmas cards! Take a look at a couple of articles that we found on the subject. Seasons greetings ☺

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