Month: February 2014

Do women do it better than men?

Published February 28, 2014

Leadership that is. That’s what I went to find out when I attended an event organised by the Surrey Chambers of Commerce where we debated just that. A discussion, most of the audience agreed, we rather wish in 2014 we didn’t need to have anymore. Nevertheless, Heather Wood, Chief Executive of Rainbow Trust put a good […]


Getting started with Facebook App development

Published February 26, 2014

This week, we’ll take a look at what goes into making a Facebook page tab app; it is also referred to as a Canvas app. To start with, it’s worth looking at how a Facebook Canvas app is put together.  The app itself is not hosted with Facebook, it is hosted in your own environment, […]


Hats off to Lego for brand engagement in action

Published February 20, 2014

There are some brands we all know and love and the last thing we think we need is a brand engagement or awareness campaign because let’s face it, over the age of three, who hasn’t heard of Lego? But sometimes what these brands need to do is to re-educate us on why we love them. […]


Getting passionate about activating sponsorships

Published February 17, 2014

You’ve just paid out an unmentionable sum to partner with a huge sporting institution. Great news. It’s been months or longer to get all the contracts finally signed, and you can’t wait to see your logo featured on their shirts, their website and hopefully even on the TV. It’s time to celebrate, right? Not quite. […]


Do your customers really LOVE your brand?

Published February 10, 2014

In this day and age where the balance of power has shifted to the tech-savvy customer, there are more and more ways for people to show and share their love (or not) for brands that they use. Online review platforms like Trust Pilot, Yelp, and Review Centre make it easy for people to share their brand experiences with the […]


LinkedIn Learnings

Published February 5, 2014

I love LinkedIn: I have genuinely benefited from making the most of my profile and wider network. Here are my LinkedIn top tips. I use LinkedIn every day and it regularly surprises and delights me with news and information that more often than not I didn’t realise I wanted to know, all because I tell it […]