Month: May 2014

Don’t just be present on social platforms – have something to say!

Published May 27, 2014

While doing some research for one of our b2b clients on how their competitors were performing on social I made an important discovery. In contrast to similar research a year ago, 100% of the b2b brands I researched have now embraced social media. They all had a presence on at least four key social platforms […]


Twitter and TV – a Match Made in Heaven

Published May 19, 2014

I don’t know about you but I very rarely now watch TV at the time a programme is actually aired, instead watching my favourite programmes at a time that suits me… but then I discovered that I was actually missing something!   What I’m missing is that Twitter has brought back the point of watching […]


Social media for business – who’s using which channels and what for…

Published May 13, 2014

The latest b2bmarketing benchmark survey gives us the lowdown on who’s using which channels for business, what for and how that’s changed over the last couple of years. So here are my key takeaways…. The most significant change since 2011 is brands giving Google+ a go, the platform has seen growth of zero in 2011 […]


When is a Tweet not just a Tweet?

Published May 6, 2014

Having landed back from last week’s #GrowWithTwitter conference, at Something Big […]