Month: March 2015

Understand your social better with Google campaign tracking

Published March 27, 2015

Tracking and measuring social media results can be challenging. Google campaign tracking is a convenient (and free!) way to see how users engage with your content. Why should I use Google campaign tracking? Resources such as Google analytics can give you a general overview of stats such as how many users visited your site (and when) and where they’re based – […]


How to create great marketing videos – our top tips

Published March 20, 2015

People love online videos: by 2017, video will drive almost 70 per cent of consumer internet traffic. To help your brand stand out, here are our tips for developing truly engaging marketing videos . Think carefully about your video’s story, messaging and tone of voice  Who is your audience, and what are you hoping they’ll take away from watching your video? […]


Online Store Locator Tools: Driving Customer-focused Omni-channel Shopping

Published March 13, 2015

Online retail didn’t kill in-store sales – but brands need their online channels to drive physical footfalls to stay relevant and profitable. Get a head start by updating your online store locator tools!   What’s the main advantage of using a sophisticated online store locator tool? Consumers often need to know more than just the ‘nearest branch’, which is the information that the […]


B2B Social Media Marketing: How to make it work

Published March 6, 2015

Adding social media to the B2B marketing mix is notoriously tricky – which is actually good news because there’s all the more scope for creating campaigns that truly stand out! Incorporating the latest sector insights we heard at Social Media Week New York, here’s our guide on how to make B2B social media marketing work for you. Why are B2B marketers so skeptical […]