Month: October 2015

Education marketing: Tips for a successful student recruitment campaign

Published October 26, 2015

It’s half term for students – but for marketers in the education sector, things are as busy as ever. Still, why not use this time to start thinking about your next student recruitment campaign? Candidate recruitment is a year-round job in the education sector. There’s a lot to consider across a varying range of communications channels: […]


Get your business ready for Christmas with our B2B corporate communications Christmas calendar

Published October 21, 2015

There’s a lot marketing managers need to do to get ready for the festive season. To help, here are some tips for planning your B2B corporate communications Christmas calendar. Two weeks ago, we gave an overview of why the Christmas season is a great opportunity to engage staff internally. However, it’s also an important time to say thank […]


Drive your employee engagement with an HR app

Published October 15, 2015

Are you concerned that important internal communications aren’t getting through to your employees? An HR App is a great way to make sure everyone in the company gets the information they need. We’ve talked before about how challenging it can be to engage employees with your internal communications given that they likely have a lot on […]


Boost your internal comms and employee engagement this Christmas season

Published October 9, 2015

Don’t just wish your clients and customers a merry Christmas – here are our tips for how you can engage your employees over the festive season. Regardless of what line of business you’re in, it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas. The holiday season affects virtually every company in the UK: retailers (and […]


How to manage results-driven B2B email lead nurture campaigns

Published October 5, 2015

Are you using email as a marketing channel? It can be a great way to grow your business – here’s how to manage results-driven B2B email lead nurture campaigns! Email is often described as the “workhorse of digital marketing”. Though it’s one of the oldest digital marketing channels (it’s been around since the 1990s), it’s […]