3D Printing

Introducing our very own 3D Printer

We are very excited to announce that we now offer 3D printing to clients, local businesses and anyone else with a 3D printing requirement. This latest technology is taking every industry by storm, with most companies piloting the new technology to improve their product development offerings as well as minimising the time it takes to get a product to market.

Our high quality, in-house 3D printer can produce one off, bespoke items in a wide range of colours and materials, including PLA plastic, ABS plastic, and Infinity™ Rinse-Away support material.

3D printing can print everything from prototypes and moveable parts like hinges, to marketing merchandise such as printing a branded USB stick, 3D key-rings, branded cups, figurines, pen pots… the possibilities are only really limited by imagination.

Looking at 3D printing from a marketing point of view there are a wealth of opportunities that can enrich marketing strategies and push the boundaries of what this new technology can achieve. For example, big brands like Coca Cola, Volkswagen and Uniqlo have all embraced 3D printing and run successful 3D marketing campaigns by engaging with consumers through joint storytelling.

Why not give it a go?

To get a better understanding of how 3D printing works, watch our short video that showcases the printing of a 3D pig. Alternatively read our blog, which looks at what 3D printing is and the future of 3D printing.

So if you have been on the look out for a 3D printing service in Surrey or maybe you already have a really great idea for a 3D printed marketing campaign, please get in touch with our digital director, Pete Simmons who will be able to discuss this further with you.