Are we creative for the sake of creativity?

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Published April 22, 2014

It might sometimes look like we’re just having fun with our clients’ brands but that’s the knack of a great campaign. If our campaigns feel to their audiences like they’re simple and easy to engage with, and most importantly that they have the ‘likeability’ factor, then we’ve won half the battle.
The other half of the battle will have already been fought by then, because whilst the end result of the campaign looks simple, at the heart of the idea is always a deeply considered core, based on intelligent insight. Without that strategic vision the campaign doesn’t deliver the results and we’re not doing our job.
Getting that strategic element right is the favourite part of my job. I love taking our clients on a journey; they come to us with a problem, we unpick it and help them look at it from a different angle. Then when we’ve thrashed it out, dug a bit deeper, nudged it from various angles and shaped it, we’re ready to start the creative process.
We’re really lucky to work with some brave brands that put their trust in us so it’s our job to take them by surprise and inspire them with an idea bigger than they were expecting.
If you haven’t been taken on an exciting journey to the unexpected recently you might need a dose of Something Big.

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