7 content creation considerations

The content creation process follows similar guidelines whether you are producing a short how-to video for social, a blog for your website or a podcast for your online listeners.

We’re taking you through seven considerations we work through when creating content. Think about what may impact your audience and persuade them to take an action or even interact with your content in the first place.

1. Who is it for?

Identify who your target audience is, look at different customer personas, what are the demographics and behaviours of each audience? If you have specific behavioural insight try to tailor tone of voice to resonate with the reader.


2. ONE message

Identify one core message and make sure this is clear in your content. Your brand may have a single-minded proposition, one compelling reason or selling point to communicate. If it’s a video or podcast, drawing messages back to a common theme help define a clear purpose to your audience.


3. Structure

Every piece of content should have a narrative, a beginning, middle and end but weaving a storyline and engaging experience to move from one section to another is what will keep your reader moving through dynamic content.


4. Format

Find out where your audience is viewing and responding to content and adapt your messages and purpose to those platforms. Solid insight can tell you what information your audience is looking for but also where they are looking for it; choose a format that fits: written, visual, interactive or audio.


5. Voice

Stay close to your brand tone of voice. If your audience are returning they want to find a familiar voice they know and if you are attracting a new reader, listener or viewer you want subsequent content they see to form a consistency that build brand loyalty.

6. Sound of silence

85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound switched off and silent auto play of video content is the norm online. Are you making sure your videos still make sense without sound? Remember to add captions, strong visual storytelling and to capture attention within the first few seconds.


7. Skills and strength

Don’t be afraid to choose formats that your team are experts in; you might have excellent video storytellers, a brilliant blog writer or whitepaper strategist. Play up what you are good at, recognise the value of your skills and use them to bring awareness, promote and grow your business.

We practice what we preach:

If you have a skills gap, need to find some direction to your content or have insight but need unique creative and storytelling Something Big can help you create memorable content. Reach out to us today: hello@somethingbig.co.uk.