Design Trends 2020

Now the next decade is well under way we have been exploring the ever-evolving world of graphic design. Here are the emerging design trends for 2020 that we think will make BIG changes in the industry.

Mono Chromatics

This colour trend allows designers to boost their variation, contrast and interest while maintaining balance and unity. Additionally, it enables the designer to reinforce brand colour. This trend is tidy, but not nearly as one dimensional as ordinary black-and-white designs. It offers a splash of colour without being too colourful — a win-win.


Maxi & Artistic Typography

Maxi typography

This is a simple and effective way of getting messages across, whilst being a low-cost and high-impact design route without needing expensive photo or video shoots.

Artistic typography

Taking creative elements, artistic typography is certainly the perfect solution to grab people’s attention, combined with the maxi typography trend of 2019, artistic typography in 2020 will really stand out. This is a combination of science and art, blurring the lines between the two and pushing the boundaries of how information can be displayed.



Image & Text Masking

Creating a minimal, mysterious and yet impactful impression, this design trend has been around for years. However, with developments with typography and imagery, the technique is kept fresh and modern.



Line Art

Reducing an image to its simplest form is a lot harder than it looks. Yet when done well, it provides a very graphic and logical design principle which design art can explain in a clear and beautiful way.


Drawing & Photo Collage

When used in graphic design, doodling helps to achieve a more informal, personalised, handcrafted and overall fun feeling of the composition. It provides a refreshing contrast between the real and the imaginary.



Simple illustration

The lack of detail allows designers to focus not on the art itself but the message it conveys. In 2020, illustrations in design will often look oversimplified, sketchy, and even… childish.
As with line art, done correctly this can add maximum impact for your message.

Isometric illustration

Isometric illustrations have been popular for many years. Their capability to illustrate a 3-dimensional object on a 2-dimensional surface made them incredibly effective and
2020 will see them evolve into a fully-animated and super-engaging visual solution.


Vintage Inspired

There’s nothing new about vintage, but what makes it noteworthy for 2020 is the updated, modern approach to established ways. It’s taking something we know and love and making it even better. Muted retro-style colours in a fresh setting with interesting contrasts, pops of bright or pastel colours, minimalist shapes and sans-serif fonts.



Using metallic materials in graphic design has been established as ultra-trendy for brand identity and product design. By rule, this trend requires a minimalist overall design, since the focus falls on the metallic effect itself.
We’re noticing that designers mostly use gold as it conveys luxury, class, and good taste. The metallic effect can also be achieved by using shiny surfaces over matte surfaces in any colour. This is being used more effectively as it’s coupled with the trend for artistic typography and graphic patterns.


Colour of the Year 2020 

According to colour psychology, a classic shade of blue like this one represents intelligence, trustworthiness and maturity. That explains why blue is by far the most popular of all colours when it comes to branding, appearing in over half of all logos.

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