Getting creative with your content

With myriad channels, increasing competition for eyeballs and decreasing attention spans, getting brand engagement is becoming ever more complicated. So how do you cut through the noise and get your message heard? With creative thumb-stoppingly good content.

We’re currently facing an epidemic of posting content for content’s sake, cluttering newsfeeds so businesses can tick the ‘we’ve posted on social media’ box. It’s time to stop. We’re having conversations with our clients about taking the fewerbiggerbetter approach, encouraging them to create less but put more budget and creativity into what is created, ensuring every piece of content distributed works as hard as possible to stop those thumbs scrolling past it.

Here’s how you can do it too…


Firstly, scope out the right opportunities for you to engage so you’re not just talking for talking’s sake. Create a content calendar that maps out the key opportunities for your brand throughout the year.


Once you have a plan, it’s time to get creative. Come up with a few strong ideas instead of multiple mediocre ones and consider using a variety of post formats to see what your audience responds well to. From GIFs and videos to polls and carousels, social platforms offer a plethora of options to capture the audience’s attention.


Where budgets permit, paid amplification will help drive reach and make your content marketing efforts more effective.

For help getting creative with your content, give us a shout.