How creativity and simplicity can give you the break through you need

Great creative is often a simple idea that hits consumers with the right message at the right time. With his now famous KitKat ad our Creative Strategist, Sam Hennig came up with an ingeniously simple idea that hit the mark and blew up across the internet.

During the quiet times of the first lockdown Sam started getting involved with One Minute Briefs (OMB). OMB promote brands and causes via social media by challenging creatives to respond with quick ideas to daily briefs. The diverse and inclusive network spans the globe and is a supportive community for those looking to flex their creative muscle within a supportive environment.

The KitKat ad began as an OMB call for creatives to market their favourite chocolate bar. After trying a few different versions, Sam’s final mocked-up KitKat ad exploded across the internet. The ad was shared by not only KitKat, but other household names got in on the act too.

The ad particularly resonated on LinkedIn where users are often currently desk-based, housebound and flooded with Zoom calls. Referencing the famous slogan “Have a break. Have a KitKat”, the ad feels so relevant to an audience juggling the demands of working remotely.

The full story of how he came up with his great KitKat ad idea can be read all over the internet (like this account here from Sam himself) but we asked Sam and OMB Founder, Nick Entwistle, to come along to a livestream and talk about their experiences of going viral. Check out the livestream below.

If you’re looking for that one simple idea to help you break through, chat to us.