Keeping your creative spark

To thrive in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world businesses need to stay on their game creatively to outperform their competitors. Here at Something Big we understand just how hard that is, despite the fact we’re lucky enough to work on multiple brands with a range of different business challenges, driving our creativity is something we constantly work hard at. It’s even harder to stay open minded and creative when you’re working within a single business and brand, which is exactly the problem many in-house marketing and design teams face. Here are our tips for keeping your creative spark and prevent yourself going stale.


Keep a running idea file

We call ours Big Spark, it’s a simple Tumblr blog that all our staff access and upload when they see something that inspires them. It helps us to keep our eyes and ears open for great creative thinking.

Our team loves Big Spark:

“I think it is a great way of visually sharing ideas, having it as my homepage helps interrupt my day with a little bit of inspiration and a constant reminder to think beyond my comfort zone.”

It’s great to have such a vast amount of cool stuff at our fingertips without losing hours searching for inspiration.”

“It lets me see what other people are inspired by which really helps me stay close to what is trending or popular”.

Encourage collaboration

Fostering collaboration could involve providing open working spaces that enable employees to work together, or encouraging collaborating with other organisations, like local businesses, the education sector or even competitors in your industry. The more points of view you’re open to the better your solutions and thinking will be. If you’re working in silo as an in-house team, consider opportunities of working with partner agencies in a collaborative way, like our Blended Teams approach where we can help in-house teams during any stage of a project.

There’s method in madness

Creativity might look like chaos sometimes, but actually even the most creative people follow a series of stages in a methodical way. At Something Big we use a range of creative methodologies to help us get the crux of the problem we’re solving and create great work, for example using the simple 5 Why’s techniqueis a good discipline.

If you’re struggling with keeping your creative spark and feeling a bit stale, talk to us about how we can help on or 01483 746650.