The New Era of Storytelling

Welcome to Something Bigs new blog series appropriately it is all about creativity. Seeing as we are a creative agency, it just seemed to make total sense that we bring you some great content over the coming weeks. This series will focus on: what creativity really means, current trends and how to be creatively effective in your communications.

So, what is on our mind right now? Well, like most people above the age of about 25 we have spent months hearing family, friends and media talk about ‘TikTok’. With over a billion downloads and 500 million active users a month who spend an average of 52 minutes on the platform a day, TikTok is well and truly on the radar for brands and consumers alike.

What is all the fuss about, you might ask? You may well have seen a resurgence in video across all other social platforms, that us over-25s do actually use. And this is all thanks to TikTok! We are seeing endless, brilliant videos created with ideas and passion, seemingly edited with the passion and skill previously only reserved for big-budget advertising campaigns.

These videos are getting shares, likes and views that could even make the Kardashians sit up and take notice – not just on the Tik-Tok platform itself but across ALL social channels. We have seen top creative directors, at some of the best-known agencies in the world, sharing a 17-year-olds TikTok video on Twitter and stating that this is the future; creative content in its purest form.

As creative people who work in a creative agency, this is equally as exciting and inspiring, as it is terrifying. Gone are the days of influencers and the inauthentic #AD, we are now moving into the era of creators.  The new generation of creatorsare coming, armed with the tools and the minds to be truly flexible, free and innovative outside of the confines of brand strategy or personas. And 500 million people could be watching.

But what does this mean for marketers, struggling to get their brand cut through?

Historically marketers have generally relied on telling their own brand story. The brand message has come from the top as a carefully curated articulation of the brand vision. But with the average person getting over 560% more engagement sharing a brand message, than when the message is shared by the brand itself, the dial has well and truly shifted.

Storytelling still has a very relevant place as an effective marketing tool, and a great narrative will humanise your brand. But authenticity, reputation and sometimes even brand awareness comes from your audience using your product or service in their everyday lives.

Here are a few of our tips to help you start thinking about how to adapt in this new era of storytelling:

Be hyper-relevant.

Mass market messaging rarely works anymore and this is where platforms like TikTok are re-writing the rule book. People are united through common interests and relevance is more important than ever.

There is a time and a place for sales.

Scepticism over branded content is a very real challenge that almost every marketer has to overcome. Subtly is key!  

Are you looking to inspire or are you looking to entertain?

Consumption habits have changed and were all consuming more and more media on a daily basis.  Looking to inspire? Instagram or Pinterest are your channels. Looking to entertain? Then you might just be heading over to TikTok.


If these unprecedented times have taught us anything, its that content created in-the-momentis better received than ever. We consume in bitesize chunks of media and seemingly care less and less whether its a fully polished number.

Speak to the heart.

Effective storytelling speaks to the heart and not just the head. Think about the narrative that will really hit home and connect with your audience. Longer-term youll see a significant impact on your brand equity.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Whether its showing your product being used by real people, giving the people who work behind the scenes a face or simply trying to inject some personality – its up to brands to be creative themselves and give consumers a good reason to engage. 

If you are struggling with your brand storytelling, or simply just want some help working through the narrative that you want to tell then give us a shout. Wed love to chat!