Escape the switch-off with experiential

Published June 8, 2017

For marketing to be successful it needs to cut through the noise and reach your target audience on a personal and emotional level. The problem is that in today’s busy society our audiences are already being bombarded with marketing messages and are learning how to either mentally ‘switch-off’ or to lose the message in an instant. This makes it harder than ever for brands to speak to their audiences through the traditional media channels.

What brands need is for audiences to not only see and hear their messages but also to recall them, connect with them on an emotional level, even tell their friends about them, and ultimately to buy something. It’s understandable then why so many brands are taking a more engaging approach for 2017.

Experiential campaigns lure audiences in with exciting and interactive activities, disrupting the digital channels by letting people switch off their devices and get involved instead. They’re refreshing in the same way digital was when it first arrived.

Over the last decade the experiential marketing landscape has undergone a huge transformation, and continues to evolve. Once considered a tool for simple leaflet drops, sampling and awareness, experiential is now a very different beast altogether. It can be more integrated with digital and social channels, making it more reportable and helping to prove value. Brands understand that encouraging consumers to become brand immersed in a way that is both unique and memorable goes a long way to ultimately converting audiences into armies of loyal brand advocates. As a result, this means that brands like Heineken and Innocent are now investing more heavily in experiential campaigns.

As audiences become inherently more social both online and offline, a much higher complexity of campaign is also needed, to foster strong personal relationships with audiences. Digital media spending is forecast to increase to $118bn by 2021 and social media has been proven to elevate experiential marketing campaigns by amplifying the overall customer experience. It’s not surprising that more brands than ever are investing in creating extraordinary, integrated, brand-led experiences to help forge and reinforce positive relationships with existing and prospective consumers.

From PR stunts, pop-up shops, oversized products, AR and VR, to armies of highly-skilled, branded promotional staff – nothing is unachievable in the eyes of brands wanting to create big ideas. In a world where technology continues to evolve, we’re excited and encouraged that we’ll be part of delivering true brand engagement in a way that is memorable, fun and that continues to buck trends and push marketing boundaries, while delivering measurable ROI.

So, if you’re up for joining the brands who are already reaping the rewards of escaping the ‘switch-off’ and need some help creating, shaping and delivering a big idea give us a shout.

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