GMOne launch to market video


We worked with NTT Communications to rebrand their portfolio of IT Managed Services to Global Management One (GMOne). As part of the relaunch to market, they wanted to communicate with IT Managers to show that they understand their business challenges and explain how GMOne can help to overcome them.

They needed to reach IT Managers of varying seniority, working within corporates or larger organisations that have a need for these services.

The aim was to create a visually engaging video bringing to life the newly created product brand, telling the story of how GMOne can help businesses, and getting this message across without losing the audience’s interest.


Origami is the intricate art of paper folding, originating over 1,000 years ago in Japan, which is also the home of NTT Communications. With origami links to sculpture and geo-mathematical principles, it is all about precision; a methodical approach with considered folds to transform a simple flat piece of paper into an inspired 3D model. With GMOne, a similar approach is taken to their customers’ IT, shaping their challenges to become a business enabler, truly transforming IT.

As part of the wider brand project for GMOne we realised our customer’s vision by introducing these origami elements to their brand identity.

We brought this identity to life in the video. To visually and dynamically explain the benefits, we created 3D origami models, used motion graphics, overlaid stats and facts, and scripted the story, resulting in a high-quality, two minute 3D animation to music.

The animation is used on the GMOne website, across social channels and played at events and exhibitions.


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“Is it OK that I am a little bit proud of this particular video? The origami concept has been visualised and matched to the Japanese style background music just perfectly. It was a pleasure working with you on this project and you translated my unstructured chaos of ideas to produce a thing of beauty!"

Alan Hill

Director of Global Marketing, NTT Communications