The following cookie policy is intended to help you understand what information we, at Something Big collect, why we collect it, how we use it and the choices you have to control how we use your data specifically.
For clarity, when we talk about ‘Something Big’, ‘we’ and ‘our’, we are referring to:

Something Big Ltd
3 Wells Court
Albert Drive
GU21 5UB
Tel: 01483 746650
Registered in England Number: 3517940

Our overall aim is to be fair and transparent about how we collect and process your data and provide you with enough information for you to clearly understand what we are doing with it. If you are unsure of how we are handling information, or you think we could improve our cookie information please contact


How we use cookies
We are using cookies on this site
Like most websites, we are using cookies on this website. We have carefully chosen these cookies and have taken all possible steps to ensure that we protect and respect your privacy and personal data at all times. By using our site, you may also receive certain third-party cookies on your computer or device. Third-party cookies are those placed by websites, services, and/or parties other than us, and we’ve listed those, along with our own cookies in the tables at the bottom of this page.

We need some vital information about our visitors; what information they are searching for, their favourite content and how they navigate around the site. We study this information to help us improve our site and give you the experience and content you’re looking for.


What are cookies for?
If you’re not sure what a cookie is, sometimes it’s a round biscuit that tastes great dunked in milk, but in this case it’s a small text file stored on your computer by your browser which helps us understand a bit about more about your computer. For example it helps us understand what device you’re viewing our site from, what content you viewed on our site and whether you’ve viewed our site before. What it doesn’t tell us is who you are, or store any personal data about you. We are certainly not selling your to other companies in order that they can advertise to you in other places.


Which cookies are we using?
To be completely transparent, below we have listed the cookies we’re using on our site so you can choose to opt out:

There are four main types of Cookies:

Strictly Necessary Cookies
Strictly necessary cookies are required for the operation of our Website. Disabling these Cookies, means we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use our Website.

Our Strictly Necessary Cookies enable:
• You to opt in or out of cookies
• Us to identifying you, only if, you make a comment and identify our administrators when they log in to update our content management system.

It’s important to know, we do not use Strictly Necessary Cookies to:
• collect information about you for marketing purposes; or
• track your internet activity on other websites.

Name of Cookie Purpose & Type Strictly Necessary
WordPress_* Login cookies Yes
CONSENT Tracking cookie to show consent for use of cookies or to opt out Yes


Functionality cookies
Functionality Cookies are used to provide services (such as videos) or to remember choices you make so our website can personalise content for you, for example, by remembering your choice of language or region.
Our use of Functionality Cookies includes:
• A third-party cookie placed by Vimeo, which allows Vimeo to show you other videos based on your video preferences, like a language preference.

You can block these cookies using your browser settings, but this may lead to the video on our site not displaying properly.

• Consent is a tracking cookie which allows you to opt out of cookies if you want to.

Name of Cookie Purpose & Type Strictly Necessary Expires after
embed_preferences Vimeo user video preferences third party cookie Yes 1 year
Player Vimeo HTML/Flash mode preference third party cookie Yes 1 year
CONSENT Tracking cookie to show consent for use of cookies or for you to opt out Yes 20 years


Targeting Cookies
Targeting Cookies record your visit to our Website, including the web pages you have visited and the links you have followed. These cookies enable advertising networks to deliver ads that may be relevant to you based upon your activities (this is sometimes called “behavioural” or “targeted” advertising). It’s important to know that we use this Cookie ONLY to send you reminders of relevant future content based on the content you have enjoyed on our Website.

Our Targeting Cookies are:

Name of Cookie Purpose & Type Strictly Necessary Expires after
IDE Google Double-click Retargeting Cookie preferences No 1 year


Analytics Cookies
It is important for us to understand how you use our site, for example, how easy it is for you are to navigate around it, and what features you use. Analytics Cookies enable us to gather this information, helping us to improve our site and your experience of it.
We use Google Analytics cookies to let us know when you first visited our site, how often you come back and how long you spend on our site. The information stored by these cookies can only be seen by the relevant teams at Something Big Ltd and Google and never shows any confidential information about you.

Name of Cookie Purpose & Type Strictly Necessary Expires after
__utma Google analytics tracking cookie Yes 3 years
__utmb Google analytics tracking cookie Yes 3 years
__utmc Google analytics tracking cookie Yes 3 years
__utmz Google analytics tracking cookie Yes 3 years
__utmli Google analytics tracking cookie Yes 3 years
__utmv Google analytics tracking cookie Yes 3 years


We hope that explains things clearly and please be aware you can set your browser to reject cookies or you can delete them yourself if you wish. For full information on how to delete cookies please visit (this will open in a new window – please note that we can’t be responsible for the content of external websites).