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Interactive PDFs – what’s not to love?

Published May 18, 2017

Whatever sector you’re in, are you getting the most out of the engaging and flexible platform that is the interactive PDF? What are interactive PDFs? Essentially, any document which has been saved as a PDF (portable document file) can be made interactive and more engaging for your audience. They can contain videos, page transitions, hyperlinks, […]


10 marketing activities to improve your bottom line

Published October 18, 2016

As we get closer to Christmas, it’s important to review your marketing and communications activities to improve productivity and ensure you meet your annual targets. With this in mind, we’ve put together 10 helpful tips to improve your bottom line before the end of the year. 1. Improve Employee Engagement We’ve previously discussed how to […]


Is marketing still misunderstood in your business?

Published August 17, 2016

The life-long battle between marketing and sales departments certainly seems to remain alive and kicking for many businesses – so what can you do about it? Sales ‘v’ marketing: The struggle goes on According to the latest B2B Barometer Report, a whopping 77% of client-side marketers believe that their sales department has a more significant […]


Is employee engagement like eating an elephant? Why companies need to start focusing on employee engagement

Published April 27, 2016

When the business case for driving positive employee engagement is so compelling, why do only a quarter of business leaders have an employee engagement strategy in place? According to infamous business lecturer Dale Carnegie, just 25% of business leaders say they have an employee engagement strategy in place for their business. Yet there are plenty […]


Drive your employee engagement with an HR app

Published October 15, 2015

Are you concerned that important internal communications aren’t getting through to your employees? An HR App is a great way to make sure everyone in the company gets the information they need. We’ve talked before about how challenging it can be to engage employees with your internal communications given that they likely have a lot on […]


Boost your internal comms and employee engagement this Christmas season

Published October 9, 2015

Don’t just wish your clients and customers a merry Christmas – here are our tips for how you can engage your employees over the festive season. Regardless of what line of business you’re in, it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas. The holiday season affects virtually every company in the UK: retailers (and […]


5 ways to help your employees tune into your internal communications

Published September 9, 2015

Do you feel your employees aren’t really engaging with your internal communications? Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean there are fundamental problems with your internal comms strategy, channels, and messaging. It’s more likely because your people have had other things on their mind… Why are your employees struggling? It’s not necessarily the case that employees […]